Happy Mass times Acceleration Day

Long time no see. I know its been a month since I last posted but I’ve been busier than usual. I began classes for grade 12 so I guess you can call me a senior. And my computer has been down for quite a while. But I just had to find the time (mostly because typing on phones isn’t really my thing) to post this… Not because I missed blogging (I did) but because today is… May the Fourth. This is the part where I say,”May the Fourth be with you.”

For those who haven’t heard about it, May 4th is celebrated as Star Wars day. It’s word play on the very famous line”May the Force be with you.” Some enthusiastic fans call the following day ‘Revenge of the Fifth’.

So, what Star Wars related stuff have I done today? Nothing; but I listened to a few Star Wars themed music parodies (like I said, I’m not very free).

(Knock yourself out)

And because I’m such a science geek…

Ok, enough about franchises with fancy armor and amazing fighting skills… Let’s talk about another franchise with fancy armor and amazing fighting skills.

The new Captain America movie (Civil War) is out this week!!!! I can’t wait to interrupt my busy schedule and hit the screens to watch it. This week is a geek’s dream. :DD


I should go now… Those organic chemistry mechanisms aren’t going to study themselves.  Till next time, May the mass*length*(time)-2 be with you (because I love fundamental units).


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