The Circle Constant Celebration

Today’s Pi Day.Why? Because today’s March 14 or 3.14. “Great, so it’s a date that looks like a celebrity number… big deal.”, you might be wondering.Well, yes, it is a big deal and I’ll be explaining why in this post. (“Never mind”, you think,”Yay PI! Now don’t go geek on the Greek letter.” Well, too late for that.)

You might be a Tauist (not to be confused with Taoist). But Pi Day isn’t a war on Tauism. Tau has it’s own day (28 June since tau is 2*pi). If that’s not enough, MIT celebrates Tau Time on Pi Day by releasing application decisions at 6:28 PM ET. I’m not going to talk about which is a better number in this post since, hey, we have no time for irrational bickering. (See what I did there? :P)

The Droids Are Dispatched Today

Which droids? Decision droids:

So now we know what the dome is for. Next year, on this day, I’ll be one of those thousands of seniors nervously checking for droids. I know a person who has applied this year and I wish him good luck. MIT is definitely one awesome school (especially since they make videos with BB-8 droids).

German Physicist’s 137th birthday

Allow me to elaborate. That German physicist is none other than Albert Einstein. I think being born on Pi Day is a very cool thing; you have double the reason to celebrate!


(I always thought birthday pies make more sense than birthday cakes)


Happy Pi Day everyone (and happy birthday to you, Einstein) and good luck to all you MIT aspirants.

Go spend the day watching Pi videos or reading arguments by Tauists. After all, this is the one day you have an excuse to be geeky. 🙂


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