Hello World Wide Web

Sup? I’m Shawn- a 16 year old human being obsessed with math and physics. But mostly math. I live in Goa. For those who don’t know, Goa is the smallest state in the seventh largest country in the world (India, in terms of land area).

I’m recognized by my frequent use of quotes, facts and references (you’ll find out about this soon)


(Maybe that was a little too soon)


I can code. Let me rephrase that. “I like to think I can code”. Actually, I’m no expert in the field of programming; I code and learn to code when I feel like it. (No, programming is unfortunately not taught at my school) I write small programs that only amuse one person I know (Hint: He owns a blog)

Another thing I love is writing. And reading. (I believe that good writing skills require a lot of reading) My passion for writing is one of the reasons I decided to have a blog. I write stories, poems and essays.  In fact, “wRitinG haz improved my gramer” so much! You know, I might even include a poem or two in my posts sometimes.

Okay, I could ramble on about my interests (I have a ton of them) but that would be boring not just for you but also for me. I can categorize my interests as stuff involving thinking, imagining and dreaming.

So. This isn’t the best introductory blog post ever. Frankly, I can’t describe myself in a single blog post. That’s why I hope you’ll be kind enough to read my future posts so that you can learn better about me and my crazy life. WARNING: My posts will be biased toward this wonderful thing known as mathematics.

Thank you for reading and hopefully, I’ll see you in my future posts. Also, feel free to interact with me via the comments section below.

Live Long and Prosper.



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